New Vanity

My project this weekend was repainting a desk I bought at an antique store in July and turning it into a vanity for my room. The desk cost me 56$ and all my painting supplies were about 15$. Repurposing old desks into vanities has become one of my favorite projects, stay tuned to see how my friend Lainie and I made one for her new townhome.

  1. Take off all the handles and completely sand the desk inside of the drawers and all.
  2. Once you have finished sanding remember to wipe everything down with a wax cloth so you have a clean & smooth  surface to start painting.
  3. Paint outside of desk and drawer faces. Its important to do this is thin layers. (I did about 4 coats with semi gloss paint, this will make it even and give it a nice surface that is easy to clean)
  4. Let sit to dry overnight.
  5. Paint inside of the drawers in the same fashion (only two coats needed).
  6. Replace handles
  7. Admire your work 🙂

I hung a oversized mirror we had sitting around the house above the desk, added a lamp and drawer organizers and now I have the perfect new vanity for my room.

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