1st Annual Hunkiedorië Harvest Party

For the past couple years I have invited my closest friends over to Hunk House for a fall gathering of some sort. This year I decided to make it really official by hosting my very first Hunkiedorie Harvest Party. The fall is a time for harvest and gathering together with the people you love. I have two large friend groups that mean the world to … Continue reading 1st Annual Hunkiedorië Harvest Party


This January, my North girls had a housewarming party at Samantha’s new house. A couple glasses of wine into the evening Cassie (Cassie at Home) mentioned that she was wanting to start doing photography more seriously. In that instant, a lightbulb flicked on in my brain and I blurted out that I wanted to have a spring event where she could photograph the day and … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch