This January, my North girls had a housewarming party at Samantha’s new house. A couple glasses of wine into the evening Cassie (Cassie at Home) mentioned that she was wanting to start doing photography more seriously. In that instant, a lightbulb flicked on in my brain and I blurted out that I wanted to have a spring event where she could photograph the day and … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch

Bring On The Brunch! Copper Hen II

Last week I wrote about my first visit to Copper Hen, and although it wasn’t a total disaster, I was dissapointed. I knew it must have been a rare situation since I have always heard wonderful things about this trendy Cakery & Kitchen. I decided I needed to give Copper Hen a second chance, and I’m glad I did.   I went back to Copper … Continue reading Bring On The Brunch! Copper Hen II

Poor Richards Antiques

If you are traveling near Spooner Wisconsin Poor Richard’s Antiques is a must! Over Memorial Day Weekend I visiting my friends Megan and Tom in Cameron Wisconsin. Tom really outdid himself that weekend and I absolutely love him for it. He was tasked with planning the activities for our visit. Looking back I don’t think he could have done a better job. He managed to … Continue reading Poor Richards Antiques