#BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

So you want to throw a brunch that will blow your friends minds. Don’t know where to start? Well Hunkiedorie has you covered. I will be breaking down how I put together my #BEEuTEAfulBrunch benefiting Madi Apparel.  For more details on Madi Apparel and why I wanted to raise money for their cause check out my earlier post. Hunkiedorie’s keys to a successful brunch are … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

Discovering The Twin Cities : Best Brunch Spots

Super Bowl LII is quickly approaching and many Minnesotans are racking their brains for a way to entertain out of town friends and family as they come into town for the game. Well worry no more! All week I will be posting ideas to keep everyone entertained during Super Bowl week here in Minnesota. What better way to kick things off than talking about brunch. … Continue reading Discovering The Twin Cities : Best Brunch Spots

Bring On The Brunch! Whole Sum Kitchen

Not sure if anyone else experiences this, but every time I scroll through the newsfeed on my social media profiles its flooded with images of tanned millennials enjoying exotic fruit smoothie bowls in some far-off paradise. For the longest time, I thought these edible works of art were only for trendsetters in tropical locations. Now I know I was wrong. A few weeks ago, as … Continue reading Bring On The Brunch! Whole Sum Kitchen

Bring On The Brunch : Icehouse

A few months ago after visiting Icehouse for dinner I couldn’t wait to go back again to try out their amazing brunch menu. I finally got my chance last weekend when my friend Ashley asked where our group should go for brunch. I couldn’t text back fast enough.My friends usually are pretty trusting when I suggest a new place for us to try and I … Continue reading Bring On The Brunch : Icehouse

Bring on The Brunch! The Mill

A few weekends ago I mentioned to my friend Lauren (of Presidents and Assholes) that I am trying to hit up a new brunch spot once a week and she was anxious for a chance to participate. Lauren is always in the know as to what is hip and happening in the Northeast Minneapolis area so I asked her for suggestions. We settled on Stanley’s, … Continue reading Bring on The Brunch! The Mill


This January, my North girls had a housewarming party at Samantha’s new house. A couple glasses of wine into the evening Cassie (Cassie at Home) mentioned that she was wanting to start doing photography more seriously. In that instant, a lightbulb flicked on in my brain and I blurted out that I wanted to have a spring event where she could photograph the day and … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch

Bring On The Brunch! Copper Hen II

Last week I wrote about my first visit to Copper Hen, and although it wasn’t a total disaster, I was dissapointed. I knew it must have been a rare situation since I have always heard wonderful things about this trendy Cakery & Kitchen. I decided I needed to give Copper Hen a second chance, and I’m glad I did.   I went back to Copper … Continue reading Bring On The Brunch! Copper Hen II

Bring on the Brunch! Copper Hen

I have a notebook (my blog book) that I carry with me wherever I go so I can jot down blog inspiration whenever it comes to me.As part of this notebook is a list of places I want to try, organized by city, and cuisine. I have decided to challenge myself, friends and family to start chipping away at this list and report back to … Continue reading Bring on the Brunch! Copper Hen