Thanksgiving Turkey

This is the turkey recipe I use for Thanksgiving every year and I am very proud of my bird every . Not only does it look absolutely beautiful at the center of the table every year but it is incredibly juicy and packed with flavor. For anyone who is looking for a go to turkey recipe I would recommend this every time. Ingredients: 3/4 C. Butter (softened) 1 1/2 t. Poultry Seasoning 2 … Continue reading Thanksgiving Turkey

Crock Pot Roast Peppered Chicken

I have read so many recipes about making a roast style chicken in the crock pot before but have always been slightly skeptical about trying it. Its hard to mess with a classic. The other night I came home from work to find my Mom on a mission to try this easy take on an old family favorite. I was pleasantly surprised and I think this … Continue reading Crock Pot Roast Peppered Chicken

Chicken Babs with Garlicky Tang Bang Sauce

Kebabs, or as I call them babs (say bob in a Boston accent…), are one of my favorite summer meals. With summer officially over I wanted to have one more kebab dinner before closing up the grill for the season. I decided to try something different with my kebabs this time. I had recently read somewhere that the trick to the perfect kebab meal is … Continue reading Chicken Babs with Garlicky Tang Bang Sauce