#BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

So you want to throw a brunch that will blow your friends minds. Don’t know where to start? Well Hunkiedorie has you covered. I will be breaking down how I put together my #BEEuTEAfulBrunch benefiting Madi Apparel.  For more details on Madi Apparel and why I wanted to raise money for their cause check out my earlier post. Hunkiedorie’s keys to a successful brunch are … Continue reading #BEEuTEAfulBrunch Planning

I’m Engaged!…Now What? Cassie At Home

I have two upcoming Hunkiedorië weddings planned in 2019. We talked about my friend Alicia’s wedding this morning. Now it’s time to talk about my hot mama Cassie. If your looking for the perfect Pinterest wedding Cass is your gal. The creator of Cassie at Home is marrying the man of her dreams and making her family complete. Her wedding is guaranteed to be picture … Continue reading I’m Engaged!…Now What? Cassie At Home

Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #TolzInTheSand

Samantha and Chad have found their perfect forever in one another. They have built a beautiful life and family together. It has been a joy to watch their family grow and felt amazing to be a part of their big day when they finally made it official.   When we were in high school, Samantha my beautiful, exotic little rebel would always joke that she … Continue reading Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #TolzInTheSand

Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #VierenInLove

Alex has been my oldest and closest friend. She loves with all of her heart and such passion that it took a big man to match her spirit. Dan has been such a perfect partner for Alex and the two have helped one another grow into amazing individuals. It was so wonderful being a part of their big day and it is safe to say … Continue reading Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #VierenInLove

Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #MarriedMontys

I met Ashley and Mike as a couple and I have never seen two people more perfectly matched for each other. I always joke that if anything happened to my family I expect them to adopt me. The Montgomery family is made up of the most kind, genuine and fun people I know. Our Monty clan is the most inclusive and encouraging group of friends … Continue reading Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #MarriedMontys

Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #GangnonStyle2016

My best friend Megan is the only person in the world who I have found mirrors my sense of humor and weirdness perfectly. And the fact that she found her perfect match in her husband Tom has been an amazing thing to witness. Their #GangnonStyle2016 wedding was a true celebration of love and family and one that I feel blessed to have been a part … Continue reading Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All: #GangnonStyle2016

Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All : #RaiseAGlassToPendergrass

Over the past three years my life has become a real life version of the movie 27 Dresses. Since December 2015 I have been involved in 10 weddings. Through the years I have had a chance to experience a variety of different wedding styles. What do I do with the experience? Well, I share it with you of course. Sometimes wedding research on Pinterest can … Continue reading Hunkiedorië Brides Tell All : #RaiseAGlassToPendergrass

DIY Cornhole Set

Another perfect minion project was brought to life for this years #HunkiedorieHarvestParty. I knew that the party really needed some yard games to get things going. I borrowed a bocce set from my roommate, and Giant Jenga from my friend Danielle. It was about time that I had a cornhole set (a midwest staple) so I put in the request to my minion and he … Continue reading DIY Cornhole Set

Mirror Hashtag Display

Mirrors have always been my favorite Goodwill find. Lately I have been intrigued by the idea of turning mirrors into signs. I decided to start on a small scale and turn a very small mirror into a way to display my hashtag for the #HunkiedorieHarvestParty. After taking apart the mirror and repainting it in the same way I did in my post for Samantha’s Chalk … Continue reading Mirror Hashtag Display