Personalized Water Bottles

After posting about Lainie’s Water Bottle the other day I thought I would give a little more detailed description of how to make your own personalized water bottle. I was inspired to make all this water bottles when I wasn’t able to buy the cute Skinny Bunny water bottles on their website. I have followed Skinny Bunny on Instagram for a long time and half … Continue reading Personalized Water Bottles

28 Day Skinny Bunny Package

This Monday I began the Skinny Bunny 28 Weight loss Bundle Package. This bundle package includes an AM Weightloss Tea, PM Detox Tea, Diet Guide and Workout Plan all for about $52. I was really upset since I ordered this about two weeks ago and this week Skinny Bunny Tea is now offering the same package for the same price but now including their adorable water … Continue reading 28 Day Skinny Bunny Package

Lainie’s Water Bottle

Yesterday I attempted my first Cricut project using vinyl and it was a huge success! Now that I know how to use vinyl, or at least I think I do, I cant wait to try more projects.The most challenging part of the entire project was finding the vinyl itself in stores. First I tried Hobby Lobby, my go to place for all things crafty.Unfortunately their selection … Continue reading Lainie’s Water Bottle

#WorkItOut100: Day 4

Day 4 felt a little routine and I’m starting to feel a little sore…definitely not a bad thing it means I have been working hard and can start to add more to my daily routine. I started my morning with my #30dayyogachallenge, then after work hit the gym to do my 10.10.10 workout. I am so in love with my 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I feel so … Continue reading #WorkItOut100: Day 4

Clean Eating For Beginers

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying to familiarize myself with the basics of Clean Eating. Its a term I have heard thrown around quite a bit on social media and all my friends who have dropped weight and adopted a serious healthy lifestyle swear by it. But what is clean eating? I always assumed it meant no fun, heavy veggies light on flavor. So … Continue reading Clean Eating For Beginers