#WorkItOut100: Day 1

 My first day I signed up for three sites WorkItOut100.com DoYouYoga.com and www.caloriecount.com. I love calorie count, it gives me the ability to track my meals/snacks, activities and weight. I can also type in my own recipes and get a nutritional breakdown. I discovered doyouyoga.com on YouTube and subscribed to their free 30 day yoga challenge to help kick start my #workitout100 journey! Continue reading #WorkItOut100: Day 1


Okay I’m going to try this again, and thanks to my awesome boyfriend I have someone to make sure I stay on track this time. A few months ago I signed up for the #WorkItOut100 Challenge. It is an online health community started by two of my friends from high school that focuses on challenging its followers to workout for 100 days.  The mission of  #WorkItOut100 is to give its participants a great … Continue reading #WorkItOut100